Already Have a Lawyer? Contractor Counsel Can Bifurcate Your Fees

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One thing we hear a lot from contractors and businesses when telling them about our product is, “Thanks but no thanks—I already have a lawyer.” In the construction world, legally protecting yourself and your business is an essential component to success. So it’s not surprising that many larger businesses already have a lawyer they turn to when they need help with a contract dispute, construction lien, or other matter.
For those that already have legal representation, we say great! Contractor Counsel believes everyone in the construction industry should have the legal protection and advice they need to succeed.
However, even for those businesses that already have a lawyer, our Legal Subscription Plan can help minimize your fees and expediate document review and processing. Read on to find out what our plan offers!
Contractor Counsel Is Designed to Save You Money
When you pick up the phone to call your lawyer, how much does it cost you? When you get a bill from your lawyer, do you ever see fees or hourly charges that you weren’t anticipating? Many attorneys charge hundreds of dollars per hour for their work and counsel. Expenses can pile up quickly in this way, even for smaller projects or phone calls.
Until recently, this has been the standard for legal services. The businesses that can afford it have paid these fees because they had no other choice. Don’t get us wrong—at Contractor Counsel we love lawyers and we value their expertise and the role they can play in protecting your business!
But we also believe in transparency and we don’t think protecting your business should break the bank. The old lawyer retainer model is tired and far too many businesses are overpaying for legal services.
Our Legal Subscription Plan can offer value and savings to your business even if you already have a lawyer. We do this by building a wealth of services into our subscription plan and providing exclusive discounts on hourly work or bigger isues.
With a subscription to the Contractor Counsel Plan you receive:
  • Unlimited calls with your lawyer on all new legal issues
  • Unlimited document reviews
  • Unlimited attorney letters
  • Access to our database of legal form templates and contracts
  • A 25% discount of hourly or flat fee work for more complex issues
  • And more!
All of these features are built in to the flat fee of our legal plan. You pay one price, monthly or annually, with no hidden fees or add-ons. Facing a contract dispute, need a lien reviewed, or need to ask some legal advice? All that is covered in your subscription—and the monthly cost for the plan is less than many lawyers charge for an hour of work!
Legal Protection Should Be Affordable For Everyone
At Contractor Counsel, we believe that everyone should have access to legal representation. That goes for big businesses, start-ups, old and new businesses, solo contractors, and everything in between. Our Legal Subscription Plan was created to provide legal protection at a price that anyone can afford.
It used to be that only larger businesses could afford to have consistent legal protection. But the landscape of the industry is shifting with the advent of legal plans. These services aim to expand access to legal protection to everyone.
Even if you already have legal protection, you may be overpaying in the modern era. You may be able to bifurcate your costs for certain work, while still retaining the relationship you have with your existing attorney for larger projects. In the end, you can save money and rest assured that your business is protected.
Contractor Counsel Links You With Experienced Construction Lawyers In Your Area
Contractor Counsel is the first legal plan designed specifically for the construction industry. We recognize Construction businesses and contractors face a range of regulatory roadblocks and legal red tape particular to their industry.
That’s why the lawyers at Contractor Counsel are experienced construction-focused attorneys who know the industry in and out. When you subscribe to Contractor Counsel, we pair you with a construction lawyer in your area and region who can help guide your business and make sure it is protected and compliant with local regulations.
To learn more about how we can save you money on your legal fees, contact us today! Or try us free for seven days!
By Garret Travis on 08/16/2019 5:45 PM
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