Are Legal Plans Worth It?

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Prepaid legal plans are still relatively new services. For so long, seeking legal counsel or hiring a lawyer has looked the same.
You call a law firm, or probably a few, and speak with a lawyer about your case. Oftentimes you’ll be charged for the consultation alone, before you even know if the lawyer can help you. Different lawyers may quote you very different prices for the same service. How do you know if you’re getting a fair price? How can you know if a lawyer is the right one for you?
Hiring a lawyer can feel a bit like jumping into the deep end before you know how to swim. There are a lot of decisions to be made, and time is often imperative in legal proceedings. Expenses can pile up quickly before you even feel like there’s been any progress made on your case.
Until recently there hasn’t been many other options for those seeking legal representation and advice. However, the advent of prepaid legal plans is drastically shifting the legal landscape.
The concept is simple. So much of our life is subscription-based these days—from Netflix to Spotify to Amazon Prime—why not streamline one’s legal representation as well?
Prepaid legal plans allow you and your business to take a proactive approach to legal issues. Instead of reacting to issues when they arise, you can ensure you’re protected ahead of time.
Traditionally, this has been how big businesses handle their legal representation, by keeping lawyers on retainer. Now, with prepaid legal services, even small businesses and solo LLCs can afford to have legal representation on retention.
In today’s fast-paced business environment, anticipating and getting out ahead of problems is tantamount to success. Prepaid legal plans allow you the protection and peace-of-mind to walk confidently and efficiently.
What Services are Included in Prepaid Legal Plans?
Not only will you get year-round protection for you or your business, but most legal plans come with a number of services built into your subscription cost. The specifics of these services will vary depending on the subscription provider, but typically they include phone consultations and document reviews, as well as some coverage to common legal issues.
The inclusion of phone consultations in the subscription fee means that the days of paying a lawyer $500 for a chat are over. With a prepaid legal plan you have legal counsel on your side as fast as you can pull out your cell phone.
Other services might include will and trust services or help forming a new business, among other things. While these services can be useful to some people, individuals and businesses in specific fields are going to have legal needs that don’t always align with the legal coverage provided by the big blanket subscription plans.
The Future of Prepaid Legal Plans
As a product still relatively new to the market, prepaid legal plans are still evolving. Providers continue to work with customers to understand their needs and where value can be offered.
That’s where Contractor Counsel comes in. The Contractor Counsel legal plan is the first prepaid legal subscription service designed specifically for the construction industry. Contractor Counsel’s founder, Seth J. Bloom, has been practicing law for a decade and a half. He has watched the rise of legal subscription plans and believes they are the future of the industry.
However, particularly within industries like construction, the legal needs of businesses are going to be specific and specialized. The provider lawyers for the bigger prepaid legal plans are going to have all different kinds of backgrounds and areas of focus. You wouldn’t want a divorce lawyer handling your lien execution though, right?
Contractor Counsel sets itself apart with its experience and proficiency. All of the lawyers in the Contractor Counsel network are experienced construction lawyers who know the ins and outs of construction law. Click here to learn more about the services and products offered by the Contractor Counsel plan.
In the coming years, we will surely see a proliferation of these kinds of specialized legal plans for various industries. For the construction industry, however, the future is now. Start your one week free trial today and see the difference for yourself.   
By Garret Travis on 01/04/2019 12:10 PM
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