Why Do I Need a Construction Lawyer?

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Whether you are a worker, sub-contractor, contractor or engineer, working in the Texas construction industry comes with a number of legalities and hazards.
You need to be aware of the building code, safety norms, terms and conditions of the contract, and ever-changing local laws and regulations every step of the way.
That’s why having a construction lawyer on your side is vital to make sure your rights are protected.
When should you seek legal advice from a Texas construction attorney?
Consulting with a Texas construction lawyer is always a good idea if you:
   >   Need to create a legal contract or any other legal document
   >   Need to obtain a new permit
   >   Are starting a new project in Texas and need to ensure that you are following federal as       well as local building standards
   >   Need to hold a town hearing meeting
   >   Want to file a lawsuit or defend yourself in a lawsuit filed against you
   >   Need to obtain government permission
   >   Are having a dispute with your employer or employee
   >   Are worried about an environmental regulation
Whether you are starting a new project or have any concerns or disputes in an ongoing project, a construction attorney in Texas will help you understand the legal process and the best course of action.
Do contractors need a Texas construction attorney?
If you are a contractor working in the state of Texas, you would know how many regulations and laws you have to follow on a regular basis.
Permits and regulatory guidance
Permits, licenses, and regulations can significantly stretch a construction project’s timeline regardless of its size. You have to make sure that you are in compliance with all the land use, zoning, workplace, environmental, and safety laws.
A construction lawyer can help you navigate those legal requirements and make sure you are up to code before and during your construction project.
Construction contracts – drafting and negotiation
When a business or a business owner retains your contracting services, they are entering into a legally binding contract with you (the contractor).
If you want to make sure the contract is legally sound, accounts for proper notice requirements, meets reasonable expectations and job site conditions, you simply can’t do without a construction attorney.
A lawyer will also handle any scheduling delays, unforeseen circumstances as well as insurance. In addition, if you are not happy with your existing contracts, they can revise that to meet your requirements.
Protect your payments
An attorney will make sure you (the contractor) receive the payment in full – as promised – and the costs of materials, equipment, and labor are covered. They will also ensure that all expenses incurred will be covered in the terms and conditions of your contract.
If someone refuses to pay you, your construction lawyer in Texas can also take appropriate legal action to recover the payment.
Can a construction attorney help with contract terminations?
They definitely can! A construction lawyer will review your current contracts and follow proper steps to ensure a successful termination. If any arbitration or litigation arises subsequently, your lawyer will handle that as well.
A construction attorney can do both – defend claimants of wrongful termination, and prevent wrongful termination.
Is hiring a construction lawyer worth it?
A skilled and reliable construction attorney actively works to prevent any conflicts from arising in the first place, saving you time, stress, and money. But if any arbitrations, trials, and/or litigations do arise, they will represent and defend you as well.
A construction attorney has the ability to anticipate any potential disputes or disagreements, and they take every possible step to ensure these issues don’t grow into actual legal action.
Your construction attorney is your biggest advocate (at least business-wise!) and relying on their knowledge and expertise of construction laws in Texas will help you avoid any sort of conflicts.
If you’d rather focus on your construction business than the legal aspects of it, you should consider getting in touch with a construction lawyer.
The construction industry is faced with numerous pitfalls of legalities and regulations. If you are having any kind of problem with a contract, supplier, employee, insurance company, or any other party, you will benefit from hiring a construction lawyer in Texas.
They will guide you through the muddy waters and get you the best possible deal for you and your company.
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