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If you work in the construction industry, you know that in order for a job to get done right, your proverbial ducks have to be in a row. That means making sure you’re in compliance with all local and regional regulations, as well as securing a contractual understanding between yourself, your customer, and any contractors or subcontractors you may be working with.
At Contractor Counsel, we set out to expedite and streamline the legal and technical aspects of the construction industry. One of the ways we do this is through our Legal Forms Library, a database compiling templates for essential and frequently used construction forms, documents, and contracts.
From Liens to contracts, here’s what you’ll find in the Legal Forms Library:
  • >  Lien Waiver
    •        > Partial Conditional or Unconditional
    •        > Final Conditional or Unconditional
  • >  Affidavit of Completion
  • >  Affidavit of Lien by Original Contractor
    •        > With Proof of Service
  • >  Affidavit of Lien By Tiered Contractor or Supplier
  • >  Demand on Mechanics Lien Template
  • >  Notice of Contractual Retainage
  • >  Notice of Specially Fabricated Materials
  • >  Release of Mechanics Lien
  • >  Residential Notice Letter To Owner & Original Contractor To Trap Funds
  • >  Our library is being updated all the time!
With a subscription to the Contractor Counsel Legal Plan, you’ll gain full access to the Legal Forms Library. In addition, your subscription includes unlimited document reviews by your personal construction attorney. Fill out you’re the forms you need, then send them to your attorney for review.
Our toolkit helps ensure that all of your contracts are air-tight and compliant, that your documentation is up to regulation, and that your business is protected.
Don’t Just Protect Your Business – Sell Customers On It!
Not only does our construction forms database coupled with document reviews by a construction lawyer help protect your business—it can also be a selling point for your potential customers.
With our legal toolkit on your side, you can guarantee complete compliance, lawyer-approved contracts, and legal protection for all work you offer to your customers. Everybody wins!
Try Contractor Counsel Free for Seven Days!
The Contractor Counsel Construction Legal Plan is changing the face of construction legal protection. Gone are the days of $300 an hour consultations and only large businesses being able to afford a construction lawyer. With our plan, anyone can have their own construction attorney on retainer at an affordable price.
Sign up for our free trial and see what the future of legal representation looks like in the construction industry! For more information, email us at or call (737) 228- 3331.
By Garret Travis on 07/11/2019 5:42 PM
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