How To Find a Good Construction Lawyer

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­When it comes to legal issues in the construction industry, not just any lawyer will do. You want to hire someone that can represent you effectively and professionally, without breaking the bank. But as anyone who has done a Google search for a lawyer will know, there’s no shortage of options to choose from.
So how do you know if you’re choosing the right attorney? How do you know who to trust and what kinds of questions should you ask during consultations? It can be a bit of a minefield to navigate, but we’re here to provide some answers.
What Makes Construction Law Unique?
There are loads of different types of law—from divorce to tax law, to criminal and immigration. Naturally, different lawyers are going to specialize in various different legal fields.
When looking around for an attorney to handle a legal issue, it’s important to find one who specializes in the relevant field. It may seem obvious, but all too often people don’t think to ask a lawyer what type of cases they normally handle. Even within the construction field, there are many different types of legal services a lawyer can provide.
Ask whether they have ever handled a case like yours before. If so, what was the outcome? Bobby Roberts, Esq. might be the most renowned personal injury lawyer in his jurisdiction, but that doesn’t mean you want him servicing a lien for you.
As anyone that has worked in the construction industry will know, there are a plethora of moving pieces to manage with any job. Ensuring safety, operating within local regulations, providing quality customer service, keeping costs down, all while working efficiently and effectively—it’s a complex business that requires expertise and experience.
A good construction lawyer should have the same tireless work ethic and attention to detail that their client has. Unfortunately, doing the work to find the right lawyer can sometimes drain you of both time and money.  
Shopping For a Lawyer While Keeping Costs Down
Many larger firms have a lawyer already on retainer, who they can turn to whenever they need counsel or representation. But how do you find someone local and in your area who you can trust, especially when you may not have the resources (read: time and money) to devote to shopping a bunch of lawyers?
Arranging multiple consultations can get expensive fast. Some lawyers charge by the hour for consultations, and just picking up the phone to discuss your issue can land you with a bill for a couple hundred bucks. That’s before you even know if they’ll be able to help you!
Another important factor to consider is where your lawyer is based geographically. You want a lawyer who is familiar with the laws and jurisdictions relevant to the area you work in. Especially in construction, laws and regulations can vary greatly at the state level. You’ll want to make sure the lawyer you hire can provide counsel applicable to your specific needs.
The Future of Construction Legal Coverage
Unfortunately, the costs and demands of finding and hiring a lawyer are sometimes too much for smaller construction businesses and solo contractors. They are forced to handle things like contract disputes themselves. They don’t have access to the same protection for their business as a firm with a lawyer on retainer.
Now, all that is changing, however. Contractor Counsel is a new brand of legal representation for the construction industry. The legal plan is designed to address the issues discussed above, to undercut unreasonable retainer fees and do away with consultation fees altogether. Call it a leveling of the playing field. Call it long overdue.
Need a lawyer or legal counsel? Contractor Counsel has assembled a team of top-notch construction lawyers, ready to help you with all your legal needs. We do the vetting for you, so you can rest assured that your lawyer will be experienced and local to your area.
Contractor Counsel puts you in touch with a lawyer the same day you sign up. From there on out, they’re your personal lawyer. Things like consultations and document reviews are built right into the plan, and won’t cost you anything extra. In addition, you gain access to a legal toolbox of construction forms and templates, for liens, contracts, and more.
Whether you’re looking for immediate legal representation, or protection for your growing business; whether you’re a big firm interesting in cutting costs, or a small firm in the midst of a contract dispute—Contractor Counsel can work for you. Start your free trial today, and see what the future of construction legal counsel looks like.
By Garret Travis on 01/17/2019 11:50 AM
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