Liens in Texas

A lien is a legal instrument that places a cloud on a piece of property, mandating payment before selling that property.If you are a contractor or someone who works in the construction industry, it is important that you have good information and advice on one of your most powerful tools, the lien. Whether you are working with commercial or residential property, situations present that require your use of this instrument. In securing payment for labor, materials and equipment, you may encounter a client that is late or resisting payment and you will need to execute a lien. Contractors large and small experience this issue and it is crucial to the success of any construction business to address this problem.

A lien is a legal instrument that places a “cloud” or encumbrance on a piece of property, mandating payment before that property can be sold.  A lien is problematic for the property owner if they approach a lender, as lenders typically hesitate to loan or refinance with a property owner that has liens against their property. It is now a common practice for contractors and others working construction to file liens in the case of unpaid invoices. Liens in Texas are filed in the County Clerk’s Office in the county where the property is located.

As a contractor, business cash flow is critical. You are paying employees, providing equipment and purchasing materials for your customers. It is a wise business practice to stay on top of customer payments and to act quickly when anyone falls behind. This is where the legal services of Contractor Counsel filing liens in Texas are invaluable. You may have lawyer phobia, fear of running up sky-high bills, placing yourself at risk of unintended consequences when you attempt to handle your legal matters on your own. However, this modern subscription legal plan, developed by Contractor Counsel, will deliver an incredibly affordable solution that will address your issues on solid legal ground.

For a simple monthly fee that saves you hundreds of dollars every month, you will be able to contact your personal lawyer whenever needed. When you are considering filing liens in Texas, you will be assisted by an attorney that has been thoroughly vetted by Contractor Counsel. Construction law is complicated and the lawyers we hire have focused their practice on construction law in Texas, qualifying them to deliver expert advice. We pride ourselves on excellent service, responding to you with a quick turnaround. This response time is particularly important when filing liens in Texas. The statutes surrounding liens in Texas are strictly enforced and timing is of the essence. If you do not serve a pre-lien notice or fail to record your lien in a timely fashion, you may lose your right to collect payment through a lien.

Sometimes people do not realize that it is sound contractor business practice to presume that you will not be paid by your client. With that, a lien is filed at the moment you enter into a contract to provide goods or services. This is done in such a way that is not threatening to your client but that it is being done in order to comply with the Mandatory Texas Lien Statutes and timing requirements, and to protect your own business and interests.

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