Construction Dispute Resolution


Construction work requires numerous moving Work stoppage erodes relationships on a project and immediately starts to eat away at your profit on a, all of which depend upon proper sequencing in order to maintain a workable timeline. The work being done on a construction project normally involves multiple companies, each performing a particular aspect of the project, with typically a general contractor with the responsibility of bringing the project in on time, on budget and to the satisfaction of the project's ownership. Managing all of this is complex and requires a great deal of experience to be successful.

Whether you are a general contractor, home builder, or a subcontractor providing architectural work, engineering, electrical work, plumbing, painting, welding, roofing or any of the other sub-specialties in construction, you understand what it takes to successfully complete a project. You also know that it is nearly inevitable that conflicts arise that put the timeline at risk. Time is money, clarifying the critical value of construction dispute resolution skill. Work stoppage erodes your relationship with others on the project and immediately starts to eat away at your profit on a job.

Guidance to accomplish construction dispute resolution is essential to your success and helps to protect the reputation of your business and interests going forward. No business wants to be “that company” that caused or was impacted by a work stoppage at a job site. Texas construction law is complicated, as is  Texas contract law. This is where the modern legal subscription plan through Contractor Counsel can save the day. With an low, monthly set fee, you will have your own personal attorney to call on, providing guidance every step of the way, proactively working to represent your best interests – and working with you to avoid upfront  the mistakes that result in costly disputes.

If a project conflict occurs, your attorney will move quickly into construction dispute resolution. The construction lawyers through Contractor Counsel have been vetted for their mastery of Texas construction law and contract law, delivering guidance whenever you need it, helping your company to avoid the expensive pitfalls of contract and construction disagreements and more.

When you move to this extremely affordable pre-paid set fee legal plan, you will quickly realize the benefits of legal advice through Contractor Counsel vs. the traditional lawyer-on-retainer or fee-for-service legal model. Gone is the dread of opening your monthly lawyer bill, which is almost always higher than you expected, with unexplainable add-on fees. With unlimited phone calls with your lawyer, you no longer will be trying to converse as quickly as possible while the clock keeps ticking away. Think Netflix for construction law. Your fee remains the same regardless of how much you use your lawyer.

In addition to resolving the expensive phone consultation issue, you will be building a sustainable relationship with an attorney who understands your business and the laws and regulations surrounding it. Your set monthly fee includes a full range of services:

  • Contract drafting and review – You should not only have attorney advice on every contract you draft, you should have attorney review of every contract you are asked to sign.

  • Lien drafting and defense will assist in using this instrument to protect your business and its future. Lien management is an effective way to structure payment for your services.

  • Employment law requires compliance in hiring, managing and firing employees, payroll, workers compensation and other issues. Similar to Texas construction law, employment law is complicated, particularly in the construction business, where employee turnover can be high and many jobs are specialized.

  • The threat of lawsuits can hang heavy over construction projects. Our Texas construction lawyers will assist you to be proactive with great business and workplace practices, and will be there for counsel should the need arise.

Prepaid legal plans allow you to proceed with your business with the confidence that your legal matters are in affordable, steady hands. With great legal counsel, you have a partner to navigate your business, including construction dispute resolution if needed.

With Contractor Counsel, you can do what you do best and we will do what we do best, handling your legal matters.  For more information, contact us today at or give us a call at (737)228-3331 and sign up for our Free 7 Day Trial.