Attorney for Construction Disputes

When you subscribe to our prepaid legal plan, our work is done with the goal of avoiding construction disputes.Anyone who works in the construction industry—whether you are a construction contractor or in the business of engineering, architecture, welding, plumbing, electrical, roofing, painting or any of the other sub-specialties working in construction—all of them know painfully well the problems that can arrise when a construction dispute occurs. Even the simplest of projects can get complicated and go off track, resulting in a dispute that is costly to all parties involved. There are so many moving pieces to construction work between labor, equipment, materials, safety considerations, permitting and inspections that it is considered a business best practice to have an attorney for construction disputes readily available. Disputes can quickly result in work stoppages that bring all progress to a halt. By using a lawyer from the drafting of a contract forward, you can ensure you stay on track and protect your business.

At Contractor Counsel, we have created a modern subscription-based legal plan that will give your business the guidance it needs through many of the complicated factors you traditionally deal with in construction. For a low, flat monthly fee, with absolutely no add-ons, your business will have a personal attorney who will assist proactively in avoidance of construction disputes and other issues. You may have already experienced the challenges of finding an attorney who understands your business, is an expert in construction law and delivers sound legal advice on time and affordably. Vetting all of this is not simple and doesn’t always have the best results.

Contractor Counsel is the modern day solution.  We have already done the vetting for you. We screen our lawyers for their experience in construction law, knowledge of local construction practices, and passion for helping their clients to be successful.  When you subscribe to our prepaid legal plan, our work is done with the goal as your attorney to avoid construction disputes and other complications from ever happening. By building a sustainable relationship with our clients, we understand your business and are prepared to provide the assistance you need to deal with construction disputes if they occur.

You will be amazed at the full array of benefits you receive when subscribing to Contractor Counsel's prepaid legal plan.  For our simple monthly fee, you will receive:

  • Unlimited calls – Call us when you need us and don’t spend your time worrying about the ticking clock.

  • Unlimited document reviews – You can depend on your lawyer for construction contract drafting and review, as well as any other type of construction document review you may need.

  • Lawyer letters – When you need a letter to be sent on attorney letterhead, Contractor Counsel is available to draft and circulate.

  • Legal forms – Given our vast experience in construction law, we have compiled an array of legal forms to employ as you need them.

  • Lien defense and review – This commonly needed legal service is readily available and included with your legal subscription plan.

There are so many ways your Contractor Counsel legal plan is set up to protect your business and help you succeed. With experienced construction attorneys committed to excellent client service and an affordable monthly fee, you can feel confident every time you pick up your phone and call. Gone is the anxiety around the ticking clock with mounting expenses. When you are preparing a construction contract or you are about to sign a contract with a sub-contractor or vendor, your Contractor Counsel construction lawyer will be on your side, ensuring you’re protected, compliant, and acting in the best interest of your business. An attorney for construction disputes fully briefed on your business, will be there whenever you need them.

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